Current Projects

Creator and editor of Virginoa's free monthly arts magazine. Filling a niche that needed to be filled, it features the best of the creative happenings of the Commonwealth.

Street brass band taking over parties wherever we go. I play sousaphone and sing and organize the chaos. We've inherited a garage full of marching band uniforms from Lake Braddock Secondary School, it feels good to be wearing them again.

Tell Fredericksburg
Tell is a live, personal storytelling event in Fredericksburg. It is designed to let anybody have the opportunity to tell true stories about themselves to an appreciative audience. Each monthly event has a theme to tie the stories together, then the recordings are turned into a weekly podcast. I am a regular storyteller, I also composed the music for the podcast.

Past Projects

Fredericksburg Rock Lotto
Basic concept: take a group of musicians, randomly assign them into bands without regard to instrumentation. Each band is given two months to compose 20 minutes of original music, then perform their set in concert. Audience members vote on their favorite band, most popular band wins a prize. Pretty simple idea, amazingly diverse and creative results.

Fredericksburg Arts Commission
Appointed by City Council in March 2013, elected to Chair that June, resigned May 2014. Helped to author the Fredericksburg Public Art policy, commission of the Fredericksburg mural by Mirinda Reynolds, and establish the First Friday Trolley route.

Fredericksburg's Finest
Ridiculously saucy cabaret featuring an ensemble cast of some of the most talented performers in town. Director and Master of Ceremonies. Done in a contemporary style, it's my own take on evocative performance art that's both beautiful and risqué.

Jolly Boring
A sleeper comic series on love and junk.

Refresh Fred
A community of Fredericksburg area web designers and developers. A space for sharing ideas, tips, and professional resources in a casual environment.
Contributor and webmaster for this local fashion blog.

Rappahannock Independent Film Festival (RIFF)
Marketing and promotion work for this local nonprofit-sponsored film festival. Lots of regional and international films, seminars by guest filmmakers, and other fun stuff like large-scale zoetropes.

Solo Acoustic
Just me and a guitar singing my heart out. I wrote most of these songs when I was in a dark state of mind, but I consider some of the better stuff I've done. They're straight-forward, personal, and vulnerable. You can listen to some over in the solo section.

Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings
January 2003 - December 2008

Co-creator and lead singer of this raging funk mob. Lots of good times with shows all over the East Coast and internationally. Independently produced a CD and a music video. Worked with over 30 great musicians during my time with the band and performed original compositions for audiences who knew all the words, can't front on that.

May 2003 - December 2008

Creative Director for Midnight Spaghetti's annual charitable music festival. Handled marketing, volunteer management, and documentary duties. Built this festival up from nothing into a flourishing Harrisonburg tradition. Many memorable performances, friendships, and adventures from these times. Here's the Spaghettifest 5 documentary we made with Cave House Studios.

Flugtag - Baltimore, MD: Intergalactic Funk Brigade
October 2006

My brothers and I built The Mothership and launched it off a flight deck into the Inner Harbor. We'll never know how it would have flown because a stupid cameraman walked right in front of the craft during the launch. Here's a story about it's construction from the local paper.

Learning Epistemology
September 2004 - May 2006

Website developed for my Masters thesis at Carnegie Mellon University. Using visual explanations and interactive sequences, it teaches about Ockham's Razor and computational epistemology in an intuitive manner. Current research by my advisor, Kevin Kelly, can be found at Ockham’s Razor: A New Justification. If you're interested in the foundations of scientific inquiry, you should check it out.